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Choma resident, Chabota, knocks journalists for abusing freedom of speech (video)


A Choma resident, Sleddy Chabota, has spoken out against what he perceives as the abuse of freedom of speech by some journalists.

While acknowledging that journalists operate in a challenging environment, Chabota argued that those who face difficulties often do so because they violate the guiding laws.

In his analysis of media operations in Zambia, Chabota observed that some journalists and individuals misused their freedoms and then complain when they face legal consequences.

He stated that, like homes, countries have laws and guidelines that everyone must follow to maintain peace.

“Media freedom and freedom of expression exist in Zambia. The only challenge is that some people abuse freedom of speech and every nation has rules. When you follow the rules set by the government, you are on the safe side. But if you abuse freedom of speech, you end up saying the government is at fault,” Chabota told the Zambia Monitor in Choma.

Chabota highlighted that insulting people, including the President and elderly individuals, constituted an abuse of freedom of speech.

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He stressed that journalists, tasked with carrying information to the public, must adhere to Zambian laws and promote peace.

When asked about media regulation, Chabota dismissed claims of over-regulation, labeling those who make such claims as selfish.

He argued that only individuals who cross the boundaries of freedom of speech assert that the media was overly regulated.

“The media is not over-regulated. Only selfish individuals say it is. Journalists must follow the laws and gather factual information, not hearsay. For example, some media reported that a footballer had died when it was not true. They did not verify the facts from the ground,” Chabota said.

Chabota’s views underscored the necessity of adhering to established laws and standards, which guide all individuals and professionals in their conduct.

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