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Angry reactions trail increases in pump prices of petroleum products on social media


The Social media has reacted to the unprecedented pump prices of fuel as announced by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).

ERB announced during the routine monthly briefing that petrol now stands at a historic K34.19 while diesel was at K32.15.

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This represented an upward adjustment of petrol by K4.21 while diesel increased by K2.19.

Netizens can hardly believe the current pump price of fuel with most of them expressing displeasure at the development.

There has been a rallying cry to President Hakainde Hichilema to intervene in the cost of petroleum products.

“Price ya fuel ilepepeka ama years yesu, Ba Kainde sure,” wrote one Facebooker.

In their usual hilarious fashion, the social media has had its say while taking out their frustration on the presidency.

“The pain of someone who gets free fuel, funded by the poor masses, telling you that “the Increase is Cost Reflective” goes straight to the heart, nakuli pwapwa yasunako.

“Na heartbreak yawamapo. You just feel like uyu makaka nokunjipaya kuti anjipaya.Apa twafika epalya bible ilanda ati mwindilila, ililileni mwebene.”

Another Facebook user reiterated the frequent call for the monthly review to come to an end.

“The economy is not okay as things stand for now. Stop reviewing the fuel prices every month & revert to a quarterly basis. This is hurting our already limping economy.”

If comments on Facebook were regarded as brutal, the reactions on X, formerly Twitter, were more incisive.

‘If I promised you that I will see what I can over the monthend, after the new fuel pump price I have seen and there’s nothing I can do.”

One X user decided to take advantage of the pump price of fuel by pursuading buyers to purchase his low consumption vehicle.

“Fuel is k34.19, Park that big machine come and get this 0.9litres 1KR and you won’t feel the impact of the expensive fuel ⛽️. ”

Another X subscriber, hilariously asked if anyone is selling a car that runs on Kerosene, in direct response to the commodity maintaining it’s 20.44 kwacha per litre price.

“Is anyone selling cars that run on Kerosene? Let’s do business!”

“Bally is now fixing us for voting for him,” one Facebook user commented on the official ERB page’s post announcing the new prices.

The comment section on the ERB page was flooded, with one social media user dragging the controversial Barotseland agreement into the conversation.

“This is the reason we want our country back Barotseland because we will get fuel from Angola it’s cheaper.”

“You should be doing these reviews in the morning imagine this time Mulimu line yo faka fuel,” lamented a Facebooker, who criticized the timing of the announcement.

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