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At church service, ex-president Lungu asks Zambians to insist on accountability from their leaders


Former President, Edgar Lungu, has urged Zambians to begin to demand accountability from the leaders who rely on political deceits.

Lungu highlighted the detrimental impact of falsehoods drawing parallels with the breakdown of trust within families.

The former president said this when he addressed congregants at the Reformed Church in Zambia, in Chipata District of the Eastern Province on Sunday.

He reiterated the importance of everyone seeking and speaking the truth, echoing the teachings of Christ.

“Let us freely seek the truth, for it is the truth that shall set us free. We must continue to speak whether as leaders, politicians, or men of faith, we serve the same people who are entitled to the truth,” Lungu stated.

He underscored the need for the church to continue speaking for the people of Zambia without fear or favour.

Lungu urged the church to pray for politicians across the country to overcome the pervasive spirit of telling lies every time they are called to account.

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“We must stop telling lies. Pray for us, that chimuzimu cha wenye chichoke. Ma wenye yapaka!. Let us be resolute in seeking the truth, for it is the ultimate liberator” President Lungu said.

Gospel Minister and preacher, Joe Munyoki of the RCZ Chipata Main congregation emphasized the need for all who lead people at any level to do so in truth and honesty.

He also restated the importance of embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ, who proclaimed that “He is the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except through him”

Lungu was in Eastern province on a family visit and took time to pray and worship at the Reformed Church in Zambia.

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