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Banda’s case gets messy, as he alleges abduction by unnamed presidency aide; Hamasaka reacts


Petauke Central lawmaker, Emmanuel Banda, has officially filed a complaint with the police regarding his alleged abduction, naming several individuals as culprits.

Rae Hamoonga, spokesperson for the Zambia Police Service, confirmed that Banda submitted a letter of complaint concerning the purported abduction incident.

Hamoonga, in a statement issued in Lusaka on Wednesday, revealed that while Banda had previously given a statement to the police regarding the events of May 25, 2024, he had not provided any details related to the alleged abduction during that time.

“In his recent letter, Honourable Banda has identified certain individuals he alleges were involved in his purported abduction,” Hamoonga stated.

He further mentioned that the police were awaiting Banda’s discharge from Maina Soko Medical Care, after which he would be required to formally lodge a complaint and provide a detailed statement. This procedural step is necessary to proceed with any potential criminal investigation.

“The Zambia Police Service assures the public that we are committed to thoroughly investigating this matter. Further updates will be provided as the situation develops,” Hamoonga assured.

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Additionally, Clayson Hamasaka, State House Chief Communication Specialist, has lodged a formal complaint against Banda and his collaborators for criminal defamation.

Hamasaka, previously named as one of the alleged abductors, expressed his desire for Banda to be prosecuted so that he could present any evidence alongside those circulating such statements before the courts of law.

“Their accusations are motivated by ill will and meant to scandalize my name, hoping to undermine my position as Communications Specialist at State House,” he lamented.

Hamasaka vehemently denied ever meeting Banda or knowing him, other than being aware that he was one of the Members of Parliament.

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