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Banda’s family cries out over alleged denial by Lusaka Police to access injured lawmaker at Military Hospital


Police in Lusaka have reportedly denied family members and others access to Petauke lawmaker, Emmanuel Jay Banda, who is hospitalised at Maina Soko Military Hospital.

Sakwiba Sikota, the family lawyer, stated that this followed what he described as the second abduction of Banda from Medlands Hospital to Maina Soko Military Hospital.

Addressing a media briefing on Monday in Lusaka after the Petauke Central lawmaker, who had gone missing was found, Sikota criticised the government for its handling of Banda’s case.

He dismissed claims by Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister, Jack Mwiimbu, that Banda had no injuries, alleging that the government was attempting to cover up Banda’s condition to present him as healthy to the public and his family.

“Why has no access been granted to the family and others who want to see him? Mwiimbu should not tribalise what happened to Banda,” Sikota stated.

He indicated that the family’s lack of access to Banda had forced them to seek help from the Human Rights Commission, which promised to intervene.

Sikota also reprimanded the minister for comparing Banda’s abduction to his own when he was United Party for National Development Vice President.

“Why is it that no suspect has been arrested or called for questioning despite several leads given to the police?” he wondered.

Lenny Banda, the lawmaker’s sister, described the entire scenario as the most traumatising incident for the family.

“You can only appreciate tragedy, pain and sorrow once you have been through it,” Lenny Banda said.

“What our family has endured since our brother JJ went missing—the pain and suffering—is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, not even an enemy.”

She revealed that the family discovered Banda was badly wounded, with stab wounds on his back and under his feet and injuries to his tongue.

He was in a state of shock and could barely talk when he was taken to Kafue Hospital.

Lenny said that as the family attempted to transport Banda to Lusaka for better medical treatment, the police pursued them in a high-speed chase reminiscent of a Hollywood movie.

“The police hit one family car, causing it to overturn, before eventually catching up with the family’s Toyota Fortuner at Medlands Hospital off Addis Ababa Road in Lusaka,” she narrated.

Lenny stated that chaos ensued at Medlands Hospital, where armed police, in the presence of Minister Mwiimbu, forcefully demanded custody of Banda, claiming he was ‘state property’ and needed to be secured and treated at Maina Soko Military Hospital.

“My sister and I knelt on the floor and begged Minister Mwiimbu to leave our brother alone so he could receive urgent medical attention, but Mwiimbu ignored our pleas,” she said.

The search for Banda began early Saturday morning after his vehicle was found abandoned near Twin Palm Police Station in Ibex, leading to a manhunt that yielded no results until early Monday morning in Kafue.

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Police Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, stated that a concerned member of the public from Meanwood Ibex reported an abandoned motor vehicle via phone on May 25, 2024, at 03:30 hours.

In a statement issued in Lusaka on Saturday, Hamoonga revealed that the vehicle in question was a white Toyota Land Cruiser with registration number BAX 3974ZM, missing its front plate.

The vehicle was found 2.6 km west of the Ibex Police Station, with its engine running, doors unlocked, lights on, and the right side of the windscreen shattered.

“Inside the vehicle, officers found two phones and a written note stating, ‘DEAR ZAMBIANS, I AM VERY SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND STAY BLESSED. HON JAY BANDA MP,’” Hamoonga stated.

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