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‘Big mistake,’ Lungu accuses Hichilema of abuse of power, strangle hold on institutions of State


Ex-president, Edgar Lungu, has accused President Hakainde Hichilema of using security agencies, Judiciary and Parliament to instill fear in Zambians.

Lungu alleged that Hichilema was using the symbol of “power to the people” to abuse and hold a firm grip on security agencies, Parliament, Zambia Revenue Authority and the Judiciary.

“Power to the people” is the original meaning of democracy while a clenched fist is its symbol,” reads the post on the former president’s facebook page.

He reminded politicians to always pray because constitutionally, power belongs to the people who have the final say on politics.

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“Today, HH is using this very symbol to abuse and hold a firm grip on Police, ZRA, DEC, ACC, ECZ, Judiciary, Parliament and other public institutions to instill fear in our people. It’s a big mistake! ,” Lungu said.

He said from experience as Republican President to date as an opposition leader, he had seen that everywhere he goes, crowds of Zambians greet him with clenched fists- symbolizing “Power belongs to us the people”.

“To me, it’s a reminder to all of us in politics that, in a democracy, “Power belongs to the people”. It is important to professionally and ethically use power- don’t abuse it,” Lungu stated.

He added that the people that were seen across the country have the power to give anyone power and take it away from them, it’s their power as citizens from God.

“Therefore, let us watch and pray as politicians because constitutionally, power belongs to the people and the people have a final say on politics! ,” Lungu advised.

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