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Ex-President Lungu’s surprise public stroll in Central Business District triggers police caution


Former President Edgar Lungu caused a stir in Lusaka’s Central Business District on Thursday as traders and residents cheered his name, while others whistled and motorists honked in solidarity as he strolled through the area.

Despite potential risks, Lungu was warmly welcomed at Lusaka’s biggest trading marketplace, Soweto, as he waved at the traders, and motorist claiming he was assessing the cost of living and engaging with traders.

However, Lungu’s actions drew a cautious response from the Zambia Police, who warned against organising unlawful assemblies.

Police Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, in a statement issued in Lusaka on Thursday evening, stressed that nobody was exempt from the law.

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Hamoonga cautioned that the police would enforce the law against Lungu and anyone found orchestrating unlawful assemblies.

“We observed a concerning incident today involving former President Edgar Lungu, who led a group of individuals from the Town Centre around 11:30 hours onto Cairo Road, causing significant disruptions to traffic,” he stated.

Hamoonga reiterated that such actions constituted unlawful assembly, and regardless of one’s former status as Head of State, adherence to the law was non-negotiable.

“We hereby caution former President Lungu that nobody is above the law, and the police will not hesitate to enforce it,” he warned.

He emphasized that engaging in activities that disrupt public order and safety would not be tolerated, and those who act with impunity would face legal consequences.

Hamoonga urged the former president to conduct himself within the confines of the law and refrain from actions that disrupt public peace and order.

“Failure to comply will result in necessary legal actions being taken,” Hamoonga concluded.

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