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Ex-President Lungu calls attention to soaring prices, prevailing hardship in social media post


Former President, Edgar Lungu, has called on the government to take drastic economic measures that will ensure Zambian lives were made more bearable.

Lungu noted that the prices of commodities in the local market had become very high for ordinary Zambians.

The former president said this on his official Facebook posting after touring Lusaka’s Central Business District on Thursday morning.

“This morning, I along with a few of my colleagues went into our Lusaka Central Business District (CBD) just to have a feel of how our traders were fairing with this apparent high cost of doing business,” he stated.

Lungu added that while touring the CBD, he came across a woman trader selling tomatoes, onions by the roadside and stopped to buy some for his homes.

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He expressed amazement by how high the prices of commodities had become under the current regime led by President Hakainde Hichilema.

“When I asked the woman why one tomato was costing not less than K5 she replied, ” Daddy vintu vonse vadula, ma order nayo Ku Soweto uku mitengo bana lunda (Sir, prices of everything have gone up),” Lungu stated.

He said he was challenged to find time to go through the town centre and Soweto Market by some traders who indicated that he would be shocked.

“Taking up her challenge, I decided to pass through Soweto Market and Lusaka’s Central Business District (CBD) to see for myself,” Lungu stated.

He said true to the trader’s words, the cost of living was high and that something drastic had to be done by those in authority to ensure that people’s lives were made much more bearable than the prevailing situation.

Lungu further encouraged all entrepreneurs, small, medium, not to lose hope but continue working hard.

“As I reflect on my visit to the CBD today I urge all fellow citizens to continue to support all local businesses, no matter how small or big they may be, because that’s how we will impact our country’s economic growth by empowering each other,” he advised.

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