Businessmen seek K7 million in damages from FDD president, Nawakwi, for alleged defamation


Valentine Chitalu and Munakupya Hantuba, both businessmen, are seeking K7 million in damages from Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president, Edith Nawakwi, for allegedly defaming their characters.

According to a demand letter dated May 23, 2024, from Malambo and Company, Nawakwi has three days to issue a public apology and retraction of the statements, as well as propose a payment arrangement for the damages.

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The demand stems from Nawakwi’s alleged remarks on One Love radio programme on March 28, where she referred to Chitalu and Hantuba as “state captures” and beneficiaries of national assets.

The programme was also broadcast online, and Nawakwi allegedly repeated the defamatory remarks in a news article in the Daily Revelation.

The article read in part, “It is the most corrupt, stinky deal I have ever seen. Valentine, Hantuba and all the friends of Hakainde are now the owners of our most prized asset.”

Malambo and Company contended that the remarks, which were also made on other media platforms, including a podcast hosted by PF Publicity and Information chairperson Emmanuel Mwamba in April 2024, have damaged their clients’ reputation.

The advocates argued that the statements were inaccurate, demeaning and injurious to their clients’ character and were made without verifying the truth of the claims.

They described themselves as honest businessmen, denied any involvement in state capture, corrupt practices, or holding government assets.

“Our clients are honest businessmen who are not involved in any state capture, corrupt practices, drawing government salaries, or holding government assets as you purport. You would have also come to the inescapable conclusion that our clients are not agents of the companies you purport, including Rothschild and that they have not stolen from anyone, including the government or at all,” the advocates asserted.

Nawakwi has been given three days to meet the demands, failing which legal proceedings would be commenced against her.

Hantuba is currently the Group Chief Executive Officer and Director at African Life Holdings Ltd.

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