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Chikwanda, energy enthusiast, calls for a ban on importation, manufacturing of electric geysers


Energy enthusiast, Dr Johnstone Chikwanda, has proposed that government should introduce a Statutory Instrument (SI) to restrict or ban the importation or manufacturing of electric geysers for a period of five to 10 years.

Chikwanda also proposed that government should place more tax measures on the importation of electric geysers in order to propose migration to solar geysers.

During a media briefing in Lusaka on Sunday, Chikwanda said the move would be accelerating energy transition by freeing up some energy which can go into other productive areas.

He noted that as a response to the 2015 energy crisis, Zambia was placed on a forced migration from filament light bulbs to energy saving bulbs.

“The average combined installed capacity of electric geysers at household, education, hospitality and industrial facilities in Zambia is estimated in the range of 500 megawatts plus or minus,” Chikwanda stated.

He said this capacity would continue to grow and that if an SI on electric geysers was implemented, the country could save significant amount of power going forward.

Chikwanda noted the need to also attempt at incentivising consumers who wish to swap their electric geysers with solar geysers.

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“I am appealing to government, the private sector and domestic customers to switch off lights in unoccupied rooms whether during the day or night,” he advised.

Chikwanda stated that this included offices in government ministries namely cabinet offices, councils, agencies, State owned Enterprises (SoEs) and quasi-institutions among other public places.

He also called on the Secretary to Cabinet to consider issuing a Circular for this initiative to be fully adhered to.

“Private sector figureheads are also encouraged to follow suit regarding this initiative. Government and or ZESCO is encouraged to assist drive this proposed crusade of energy saving,” Chikwanda added.

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