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Citizen First party tells ruling UPND to purge self of double standards in dealing with crisis of tribalism


The Citizens First Party alleges that the ruling party is applying double standards in addressing issues of tribalism and regionalism.

According to party president, Harry Kalaba, while opposition members are being arrested for inciting tribalism and regionalism, those affiliated with the ruling party are seemingly untouched.

Kalaba accused the United Party for National Development (UPND) government of perpetuating tribalism and divisive rhetoric, despite crackdowns on similar behaviour among opposition ranks.

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In a statement released in Lusaka on Thursday, Kalaba claimed that despite public exposure, suspected UPND members linked to tribal remarks have remained free, allegedly due to their connections within the ruling party.

“Even President Wynter Kabimba of the Economic Front pointed out tribal remarks within the UPND and identified possible suspects, yet no action was taken,” Kalaba remarked.

He called upon President Hakainde Hichilema to collaborate with opposition parties in eradicating tribalism and regionalism from politics and governance.

“We urge President Hichilema to join Citizens First in purging our political landscape and government of tribal and regional rhetoric and actions. What is deemed unacceptable in the opposition should also be unacceptable in the ruling party,” Kalaba said.

Kalaba further challenged Hichilema to clarify his statement from Wednesday’s media briefing regarding harsher penalties for tribalism and hate speech.

“The Citizens First Party seeks clarification from the President: Will harsher penalties apply to practicing tribalism and regionalism through government appointments, business contracts and other actions, or merely to pointing out the existence of tribalism in these practices?” he questioned.

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