Standards Agency reiterates need for safety consciousness, as world celebrates Food Safety Day


As the country celebrates this year’s World Food Safety Day, consumers have been encouraged to report any suspicious or suspected illegally produced food products to the Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA).

This measure aims to ensure that enforcement actions are taken against illegal producers.

This call to action was contained in a statement issued by ZCSA Public Relations Officer, Onishias Maamba, on Thursday.

This year’s World Food Safety Day, celebrated on Friday, was held under the theme “Food Safety: Prepare for the Unexpected.”

Maamba stated the importance of consumers avoiding beverages and food products from unknown or questionable sources.

He urged consumers to be safety-conscious and purchase food products and beverages only from regulated and reputable outlets.

“Consuming unregulated food products and beverages whose safety has not been ascertained can pose serious health risks, potentially leading to sickness or even death, as seen in the recent case of traditional beer in Pemba district of Southern Province.

“Consumers must alert the Agency of any suspicious or suspected illegally produced food products and beverages on the market so that enforcement actions can be taken,” Maamba said.

Meanwhile, ZCSA has disposed of non-compliant packaged water, fruit-flavored drinks, fertilizer, clear beer, potable spirits, shoe polish and mealie meal in Lusaka, valued at more than K20,000.

The products were seized from Emmasdale, Industrial Area, Chipata, Kanyama, Chawama, Town Centre, Kamwala South, 10 Miles, Ngwerere, Obama and Waterfalls Townships.

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