Corporate games throw up Banda as new ERB board chairman, after weeks of upheavals


James Banda, a lawyer, has been appointed as the new Board Chairperson of the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) by Energy Minister Peter Kapala.

The appointment of Banda follows a month of upheaval triggered by a controversial decision made by the ERB to adjust electricity tariffs.

This decision resulted in the dismissal of the former Board Chairman, Reynolds Bowa, whose appointment was revoked earlier this month by Minister Kapala.

The government strongly criticized the ERB Chairperson, alleging lack of consultation in the tariff adjustment decision.

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Stakeholders have been vocal in their calls for the government to reverse the tariff adjustment decision made by the ERB.

Banda, previously serving as the ERB Vice Chairperson, was appointed to the new role, as stated in an official announcement issued on Tuesday.

Prior to his appointment, Banda served as the President of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ).

“Mr. Banda, a former LAZ president, has served in the legal profession with a focus on construction and energy law for over 25 years and holds both local and international acclaim,” the statement read.

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