Council of Churches demands urgent interventions in cost of living, seeks review of fuel price template


The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has called for urgent interventions aimed at cushioning the lives of the most vulnerable Zambians.

CCZ General Secretary, Emmanuel Chikoya, said government should initiate policy directions that would see manageable cost of living.

He proposed that the monthly fuel price reviews be replaced with the longer term reviews.

Chikoya said this in statement issued on Saturday in Lusaka.

He argued that this would help the business community plan and manage prices as opposed to monthly reviews which made planning very awkward and created a sense of anxiety for the public each month end.

“The 15 percent fuel increment will with no doubt adversely affect the most vulnerable and majority Zambians especially the low-income citizens who are already grappling with high cost of essential commodities such as mealie meal and cooking oil and also increased transport cost from one point to the other,” Chikoya said.

He said government must realise that when supply prices are reduced, most business entities usually maintain the same prices thus disadvantaging the majority poor who continuously suffer the price hikes.

“We wish to stand in solidarity with the general public regarding the recent increase in fuel prices which has ultimately resulted in the continued increase in cost of living prevailing in the country,” Chikoya said.

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He reiterated that the cries of the general public were genuine and deserved the urgent attention of government.

“God who provides, hear the cries of your people in their distress and answer them in the desert places. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer,” Chikoya said.

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