Court issues third bench warrant on absent Economic and Progress party leader, Tayali


The Lusaka Magistrate Court has issued a third bench warrant against Economic and Progress Party leader, Chilufya Tayali, for repeatedly failing to appear in court sessions regarding charges of inciting mutiny.

Tayali pleaded not guilty to charges of inciting mutiny, as outlined in Section 48, Subsection A of the penal code Chapter 47 of the Republican laws.

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During the recent court session, Magistrate Kelvin Soma expressed concern over Tayali’s absence, disclosing that one surety, Chilubi Member of Parliament Mulenga Fube, was present.

Fube stated that he was unaware of Tayali’s whereabouts, indicating that Tayali’s last known location was South Africa.

In response to Tayali’s continued absence, Magistrate Soma issued a bench warrant for his immediate arrest, requiring him to appear in court and explain his repeated non-appearances.

The warrant sets a deadline of June 6, 2024, for Tayali to provide a valid reason for his absence.

Magistrate Soma also cautioned Tayali’s sureties to ensure their presence in future hearings, underscoring their responsibility in ensuring Tayali’s compliance with legal procedures.

It is alleged that Tayali, between March 1, 2022, and April 4, 2022, in Lusaka, attempted to incite individuals serving in the defense forces from their duty and allegiance to the President.

This allegation is based on statements made by Tayali on his Facebook page, where he criticized the treatment of defense forces.

He wrote on his official Facebook page that: “I do not remember advocating for the defence forces, because they have always been paid on time, but now, they are calling on me to speak for them, it is a shame.

“These guys keep our security, you can be frustrating them or trying their patience.”

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