Ex-Defence Minister, Mwamba, faces arrest after failing to appear in court amid health controversy


Former Defense Minister, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, faces imminent arrest after failing to appear in court on Wednesday, prompting the Magistrate, Stanford Ngobola, to issue a bench warrant against him.

GBM is embroiled in a case involving 24 charges, including conflict of interest, money laundering, and possession of assets suspected to be proceeds of crime.

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In response to the warrant, GBM took to social media to explain his absence, alleging that authorities had barred him from seeking specialized medical treatment in South Africa.

He stated that he was currently receiving medical care at Medlands Hospital in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, during the court proceedings, GBM’s lawyer, Charles Changano, requested an adjournment due to his client’s illness.

However, the Magistrate denied the request and issued the bench warrant, set to be executed on Thursday.

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