Diamond Sheva speaks on Africa’s place in global entertainment industry


Founder, DIMA Empire Africa, Oshona Victoria, also known as, Diamond Sheva, is reportedly on a mission to shape African music.

The journey which started a decade ago is reported to be yielding fruit and gaining recognition.

She told The Nation news that the African music industry had experienced remarkable growth and recognition in recent years, solidifying its position on the global music stage.

Sheva noted that with a rich musical heritage and diverse cultural influences, Africa’s music today was vibrant, dynamic and constantly evolving.

“Africa is home to a vast array of cultures, languages, and musical traditions. From Afrobeat to Highlife, Juju to Bongo Flava, Amapiano, African music is an encompassing tapestry that reflects the diverse identities and experiences of its people.

“This rich cultural heritage forms the backbone of modern African music, with artistes often blending traditional sounds with contemporary elements to create unique and captivating musical experiences,” she said.

Sheva recognised that digital revolution has had a profound impact on the African music industry, providing artistes with new avenues for exposure and distribution.

On global recognition and Influence, Sheva is of the view that African artistes had gained significant international recognition, spreading their infectious rhythms and melodies to a global audience.

She pointed out that the collaborations between African artistes and international acts like Beyoncé, Major Lazer, Chris Brown and Usher had highlighted the incredible influence and appeal of African music across different genres.

“The success of artistes like Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, Ayrastar, Angelina Kidjo, Tem’s and Tiwa Savage and others has catapulted African music into the mainstream, helping to redefine popular music and showcasing Africa’s immense talent and creativity.

“Collaborations between African artistes and renowned musicians from other regions have resulted in global hit songs that blur cultural boundaries and celebrate musical unity,” Sheva said.

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