DRC accuses Apple of using ‘blood minerals’ in production of iPhones


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government has accused Apple, a tech firm from the United States of using illegally exploited minerals, alleging blood minerals link.

Lawyers representing DRC had alleged that that Apple extracted these minerals from its war-tone East.

The Paris-based lawyers for the DRC accused the iPhone maker of purchasing minerals smuggled from the country into neighbouring Rwanda, according to the Times of India.

The lawyers claimed that this was where the “blood minerals” were laundered and “integrated into the global supply chain.”

DRC’s lawyers had reportedly sent a formal cease and desist notice to Apple.

With this notice, DRC had warned the United States-based tech firm that it would face legal action if the company continued its alleged practice.

“Apple has sold technology made with minerals sourced from a region whose population is being devastated by grave human rights violations,” DRC lawyers wrote in a letter sent to Apple.

The lawyers also claimed that rampant sexual violence, armed attacks and widespread corruption had also been reported at sites providing minerals to Apple.

“Apple has consistently relied on a range of suppliers that buy minerals from Rwanda, a mineral-poor country that has preyed upon the DRC and plundered its natural resources for nearly three decades.

“Apple seems to rely mainly on the vigilance of its suppliers and their commitment to respect Apple’s code of conduct,” read the official letter.

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