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Economic Front brands Hichilema’s anti-corruption initiatives selective, biased


President Hakainde Hichilema’s anti-corruption initiatives have come under scrutiny, with the opposition Economic Front denouncing them as lacking seriousness.

Fewdays Nsensema, the party’s Chairperson for Information and Media, criticized the approach and execution of these efforts, citing concerns about their selective nature and failure to address current corruption allegations within the government.

Nsensema emphasized the need for a more proactive and genuine approach to tackling corruption, calling for accountability even among cabinet ministers and state house staff.

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In a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday, Nsensema expressed concerns about the approach and execution of the anti-corruption efforts, stating that they left a lot to be desired and surprised many Zambians.

“The selective way of fighting corruption by undertaking audits as far back as 2006 leaving current corruption allegations in his govt is watering down the fight and making it loose its meaning and shows biasness,” he stated.

Nsensema claimed: “Zambians have now realised that they need a serious and discplined leader who can fight corruption genuinely even among his cabinet ministers and State House staff rather than waiting for change of government to fight corruption retrospectively as the trend shows in Zambia.”

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