French company announces plans to invest in solar energy sector in Zambia


A French company operating in the solar energy space has announced plans to embark on an investment drive to Zambia.

Sunna Design Project Sales Executive in charge of Africa, Leonard Fournioux, is expected to travel to Zambia on a four-day working visit this September.

This is according to a statement issued on Tuesday by First Secretary for Press at the Zambian mission in France, Naomi Mweemba.

Fournioux would meet key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Energy and the Rural Electrification Authority critical to the successful implementation of the company’s investment project.

This came to light when Fournioux presented the company’s investment pitch to the Embassy Chargé d’affaires Chrissy Hilweele at the Chancery in Paris.

He underscored the company’s interest in supporting the Zambian authorities in implementing solar street lighting projects across the country.

“Once approved, the project will involve the provision of solar-powered, autonomous, intelligent, and connected public lighting which will address the major public policy issues of access to clean, sustainable lighting and insecurity,” Fournioux said.

He stated that they were ready to offer technical expertise, and that their dedicated finance team would put in place various financial packages through collaborating with international financial institutions to successfully implement the project.

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Fournioux said their state of art streetlights were monitored remotely using an application called Sunnapp and had an anti-theft design with a battery lifespan of more than 15 years.

In response, Hilweele stated that the intention by Sunna Design to invest in Zambia’s renewable energy sector had come at a right time when the country was facing challenges of electricity deficit compounded by severe effects of climate change.

“Sunna Design needs to create joint ventures with the locals in order to empower the communities and transfer technological skills,” he said.

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