Govt moves to address reckless bush burning on Kafue flood plains


The Kafue flood plains have been heavily affected by “reckless” burning, which is in disregard with the law, authorities say.

To this effect, President Hakainde Hichilema has since directed law enforcement officers to be proactive and bring the perpetrators to book.

Green Economy and Environment Minister, Collins Nzovu, said this on Monday after a joint inspection of the plains with Fisheries and Livestock Minister, Makozo Chikote, and the Ministry of Tourism officials.

Nzovu stated that it was time to take action and put an end to the destruction of the environment through unnecessary bush burning.

“Protecting our planet is a priority and our government is deeply concerned about the ongoing burning of our precious natural ecosystems,” the Minister said.

He restated that the President had declared the current severe drought as a national disaster, an emergency and called for an end to burning the bushes in the country.

Nzovu said President Hichilema had warned against reckless burning of fields, grasslands, forests, bushlands, rangelands, valleys and swamps.

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“Indiscriminate burning of the natural eco-systems has a detrimental effect to the environment, health, wildlife, livestock and the economy,” the Minister added.

During the joint inspection of the flood Plains, Nzovu with his counterparts took time to sensitise the people in fishing camps on the negative effects of bush burning and that the act was punishable by law.

He said as a champion of environmental protection, President Hichilema was saddened that some people had continued to disregard the law on burning burning.

“We are grateful to the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) for their support in putting out the fires in the affected areas,” Nzovu stated.

The entourage included Southern Province Minister, Credo Nanjuwa, Members of Parliament for Namwala and Bweengwa constituencies and various other senior government officials.

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