Govt says it’s exploring soyabeans export to china, as critics knock Hichilema for reneging on promises


Government is exploring chances of amending the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that Zambia has with China through a Chinese company that exports soyabean meal so that they can include soyabean.

Agriculture Permanent Secretary, Green Mbozi, said that there was no MoU that was signed with China for soyabean export but there was a Chinese company in Zambia that exported soyabean meal to China.

He said in an interview on Wednesday that government was trying to look at the possibility of having an amendment to the MoU so that they could include soyabean which was still in the process.

“The MoU in question is not for soyabean, it is for soyabeans meal, people should be paying attention to such details,” he said.

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But Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president, Wright Musoma, challenged government to explain to the farmers what happened to the MoU for Soyabeans and Stevia exports to the China.

Musoma said President Hakainde Hichilema was on record having encouraged farmers on July 2022 on his official social media platform to grow more soyabeans because government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) signed an MoU with China who were largest importer of soyabeans globally.

He said the decision by government not to buy soyabeans from the farmer would amount deception on the part government as they were the reason farmers grew more soyabeans.

“The UPND administration is denting the image of politicians by not fulfilling its promises to the citizens. Going forward, it will be very hard for Zambians to buy into idea from the opposition political parties,” Musoma said.

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