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‘Govt scheming, plotting to arrest me at night,’ Ex-President Lungu alleges in Facebook post


The Zambia Police Service has reportedly opened 25 dockets against ex-president Edgar Lungu.

The 25 dockets are allegedly based on formal complaints from United Party for National Development (UPND) members in Lusaka. Lungu confirmed this on his official Facebook post on Wednesday.

“Yesterday, I received disturbing information indicating that the Zambia Police Service has opened 25 dockets against me based on formal complaints from UPND members in Lusaka,” he wrote.

The ex-president claimed that the police were under instructions to arrest him unexpectedly during the night.

“My question is, why are President Hakainde Hichilema and the Zambia Police Inspector General planning and mobilizing to ambush me at night, abduct, embarrass, and forcefully detain me like a hardcore criminal?” Lungu asked.

He queried where the respect for the office of the former president is in Zambia today if a sitting president can allegedly endorse a malicious ambush and barbaric arrest of a former Head of State in this fashion.

Lungu advised the police to issue him a police call-out as per legal procedure.

“What is the motivation and goal behind this night ambush at my residence? Why this disrespect of the law and the office of the former president?” he wondered.

Lungu said that since transitioning to being a former Head of State, he had been subjected to numerous unconstitutional actions by the state.

He stated that these actions ranged from being barred from his simple morning workouts to being denied the right to travel and now being prevented from making courtesy calls to anyone.

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“I am practically under ‘house arrest’ for no reason. My appeal is straightforward: call me and I will make myself available any day, any time during daylight hours,” lamented Lungu.

He said that as far as he was aware, he had not committed any crime that would warrant the government, through the police, to start scheming against him in this manner.

Lungu expressed concern at what he deemed as President Hichilema’s disregard for the “rule of law” and “constitutional democratic values” by weaponizing law enforcement agencies against law-abiding citizens who criticize his leadership and governance.

“Please, let us defend our peace, democracy, and constitution!” he advised.

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