Govt urges professionals to project Zambia positively, as institute warns against unregistered marketers (video)


The Ministry of Commerce, Trade industry Permanent Secretary, Lilian Bwalya, has urged marketers to align their operation to the vision of the country in creating Jobs, creating economic value and making Zambia a center for tourism.

Bwalya challenged marketing practitioners in the country to develop practices that would enable businesses to thrive and be resilient through strategic insights.

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The permanent secretary gave these remarks during the Launch of the 27th Marketing conference on Monday in Lusaka.

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“In whatever we are doing, implicitly we are marketing the country. It can be negative, it can be positive. So I just want to make sure that we are moving with the vision of the country to make sure that we elevate Zambia to a position where everyone wants to be drawn to this country,” she explained.

She advised marketers to exhibit a professional behavior that would benefit the country.

“If we have to promote and elevate Zambia, we have to work together in a positive way,” she added.

Bwalya further encouraged Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) and marketers across the country to ensure that the conference sets standards that would add value to Zambia’s environmental image.

“I believe that there are many players in the marketing space and we really have to move with speed if we are to make progress in this space,” she emphasized.

She advised ZIM to expedite the process of standardization.

“I just want to emphasize that as we prepare for this annual marketing conference, the issue of standards should be very high on the agenda,” she said.

Speaking with Zambia Monitor in an interview after the meeting, ZIM president, Besa Mwewa, encouraged members of the public to participate in making Zambia a center for tourism.

Mwewa also called on the Public Relations (PR) practitioners to participate in the marketing of the country.

“This responsibility goes beyond marketers, it is pretty much everyone, be it the PR professional, accountant, or engineers. I think we all have a collective responsibility to make sure that we raise the standard of this country,” he stated.

Additionally, Mwewa advised everyone practicing marketing including content creators who incorporate ads in their contents to subscribe to ZIM to avoid being prosecuted.

“If you are not subscribed to the Zambia Institute of Marketing, you are in breach of the law and one can be liable to prosecution,” he warned.

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