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Group says multiplicity in trade unions weakening collective bargaining power (Video)


Family Development Initiatives (FDI) says the labour sector in Zambia is faced with several challenges that are impacting on its efficiency.

FDI Team Leader, Sheikh Yusuf Ayami, said the presence of multiple trade unions had also led to a weakened collective bargaining power.

Ayami in an interview with Zambia Monitor in Lusaka on Tuesday, said this was further leading to misrepresentation of workers’ interests.

He added that skill shortages and wage rigidities remained thorny issues that could hinder economic growth and job creation, affecting the overall employment landscape.

“Workers in Zambia have experienced rights violations, which can weaken the effectiveness of labour movements in upholding the workers’ rights, Ayami noted.

He called for strengthening of laws by updating and enforcing labour laws to protect workers’ rights and ensure fair wages and working conditions.

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On skills development, Ayami called for investment in education and vocational training to address skill shortages and prepare the workforce for the demands of the modern economy.

“There is need to enhance labour market information systems in order to develop reliable labour market information and skills anticipation systems to inform policy and planning,” he stated.

Ayami said improving the labour sector could significantly enhance the welfare of families in Zambia.

He stated that better employment conditions had a positive impact on families as that leads to increased income stability.

“Secure and well-paying jobs provide families with a steady income, which is crucial for meeting basic needs and improving living standards,” Ayami said.

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