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UPND chieftain questions opposition over its silence on financial scandals committed under PF


The United Party for National Development in Lusaka Province has questioned the opposition over its silence on financial scandals committed under the Patriotic Front (PF) rule.

Party Provincial Chairperson, Obvious Mwaliteta, wondered whether the opposition was also telling Zambians that it was perfectly in order to steal financial resources belonging to the country.

Mwaliteta said this in a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday, reacting to revelations that former Konkola Copper Mines Liquidator Milingo Lungu had forfeited US$24million to the state.

He said the party knows that silence gives consent and this appeared to be the case with former President Edgar Lungu and his allies in the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) over public funds and property which were being forfeited to the State.

“Surely, the deafening silence from Edgar Lungu and his cronies in the opposition political parties over the US$24 million Milingo Lungu scandal is a betrayal to the Zambian people,” Mwaliteta stated.

He added that Lungu’s forfeiture of the US$24 million was a financial crime that should concern any political organization, especially the former president who grabbed Konkola Copper Mine from investors.

Mwaliteta said if Lungu was not aware of the theft and abuse of these public resources he would have been fuming with anger against the culprits following the revelations.

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“It is no brainer that our colleagues in the opposition in this country shall look the other way when their finance support base is threatened by government actions,” he stated.

Mwaliteta alleged that Lungu and his allies did not exist at the moment to protect the interests of the country but their interests even if it hurts the citizens.

“The outspoken political leaders such as Edith Nawakwi, Sean Tembo, Harry Kalaba, Saboi Imboela and others are also silent,” he said.

Mwaliteta alleged that this was because they were third party beneficiaries of the looted funds under former president Edgar Lungu’s government.

He accused the former president of being the grand sponsor of UKA.

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