Group to hold rally to raise awareness about Zambia, Africa’s debt crisis


The International Conference of Trade Union Confederation says African countries like Zambia cannot continue to be shackled by the chains of debt bondage imposed by external creditors.

To this effect the Confederation has announced plans to hold a Debt Campaign Rally to raise awareness about the debt crises in Zambia and Africa at large.

Confederation General-Secretary, Akhator Joel Odigie, said the campaign was also aimed at mobilising support towards the African cause of being debt free.

Odigie announced this during the 14th Edition of the New Year School (NYS) of the International Conference of Trade Union Confederation-Africa in Lusaka.

For the year 2024, the 14th edition of NYS is being held under the theme “Advancing Africa’s Transformation Agenda: Mobilizing for Tangible Trade Union Collective Action”.

He stated that the NYS provided the Confederation and its affiliates with a unique opportunity to “Educate for Action”.

“Our rationale for launching the upcoming debt campaign in Lusaka is clear,” Odigie said.

He added that African countries had seen first-hand devastating consequences of austerity measures and structural adjustment programmes, which had only served to exacerbate inequality and deepen poverty.

Odigie said it was time for Africa to reclaim the sovereignty and demand accountability from those responsible for perpetuating the cycle of debt dependency.

“The Debt Campaign Rally, scheduled for March 21, 2024 at 08:00 in Lusaka, will serve as a powerful platform for raising awareness about the debt crisis and mobilizing support for our cause,” he stated.

Odigie said he was aware of the profound impact that the debt crisis has had on the lives of millions of workers and citizens across the continent, including workers in Zambia.

He cited wage freezes to dwindling social protections, the ramifications of unsustainable debt which had far-reaching and deeply troubling consequences.

“It is imperative that we take decisive action to address this issue and chart a path toward a more equitable and sustainable future for all Africans,” Odigie said.

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He noted that education for action lies at the heart of the Conference’s approach to tackling the debt crisis.

Odigie stated that through flagship initiatives such as the Trade Union Leadership Development Academy and NYS, the Confederation was empowering its members and African workers with the knowledge and skills they needed to advocate for change and mobilize their communities.

“By fostering trade union renewal and promoting education for mobilization.We are laying the groundwork for a grassroots movement that will push for meaningful reforms and policy interventions,” he said.

He added that the historic event would send a clear message to the leaders and the international community that “enough is enough.”

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