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Hichilema announces $90 million secured for Maamba Collieries Phase II project


President Hakainde Hichilema has announced that US$90 million has been secured for the 300 Megawatts Maamba Collieries Phase II power plant project.

He stated that the project would soon be launched once all modalities are met by the company.

The President made this announcement during a media briefing at State House in Lusaka on Tuesday, where he also addressed several other issues, including his directive that hospitals should not be subjected to load shedding.

Recently, Energy Minister, Peter Kapala, mentioned that Maamba Collieries was seeking government’s participation in sourcing US$300 million towards the phase two expansion of its power plant.

“Major steps have been taken to address the energy crisis in the country, such as working on a lifeline power supply for small businesses in communities negatively affected by energy insecurity caused by the El Niño-induced drought,” President Hichilema said.

Additionally, Hichilema reiterated that the government expected companies selling solar products to reduce their prices because the government has zero-rated tax on solar equipment.

The President assured the nation that Zambia would overcome the challenges brought by the drought, saying, “God would not give Zambia a load it could not carry.”

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He also encouraged citizens who generate excess power to consider selling it to the national grid.

Hichilema highlighted that Open Access Electricity had been operationalised and that ZESCO Limited must supply the electricity.

In a significant policy change, the President overrode the pronouncement made by Secretary to Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa, regarding the use of government vehicles after 18 hours.

He stated that civil servants should have access to transport 24/7 for efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

“Controlling officers and public service workers in procurement departments should continue using resources prudently and serve the Zambian people diligently,” Hichilema directed.

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