Installation of 121 automated weather stations completed across Zambia —Minister of Green Economy


The government has completed the installation of 121 automatic weather stations across the country, announced Mike Mposha, Minister of Green Economy and Environment.

This expansion and modernization of weather observation stations are crucial for enhancing Zambia’s ability to monitor and respond to weather conditions effectively.

Mposha made the announcement during a visit to Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport to review the meteorological services available there.

“For the first time since independence, we have a weather observation station in every district. You may take note that we will soon be commissioning these modern 121 automatic weather observation stations,” he said.

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The Minister emphasized the importance of public awareness about meteorological services to maximize their benefits.

He also noted that the government would continue investing in modern infrastructure and training to ensure that airports are equipped with the best possible meteorological services.

Mposha stated that meteorological services are essential for providing accurate weather information, which is crucial for the safety of flights and the operational efficiency of airports.

At Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport, the government has also reportedly installed state-of-the-art meteorological infrastructure.

These include the upgrade of observation infrastructure with the installation of automatic weather observation stations and the replacement of mercury-based instruments with digital instruments.

“These advancements ensure that we have accurate and real-time weather data, which is vital for aviation safety.

“Furthermore, our government has invested in the training of meteorological staff to specialize in aviation meteorology. We have trained and continue to train our personnel to acquire the necessary skills to provide high-quality meteorological services. We plan to train over 15 staff members to serve at our international airports, ensuring that we have a skilled workforce dedicated to aviation safety,” Mposha added.

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