Jesuit Centre urges govt to promote sustainable energy alternatives to alleviate high cost of living


The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) has urged the government to promote sustainable energy alternatives to combat the high cost of living in the country.

In a statement issued in Lusaka on Friday, JCTR Social & Economic Development Programme Officer, Lukwesa Musonda, stated the importance of expanding access to and reducing costs of alternative energy sources.

“Currently, limited options force many individuals to rely on charcoal for their energy needs, exacerbating environmental degradation and contributing to the rising costs of living,” Musonda said.

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She acknowledged that while the charcoal ban was necessary, it severely affected families reliant on charcoal.

“The rise in charcoal prices due to bans and increased demand highlights the tension between environmental stewardship and economic survival,” Musonda revealed.

Additionally, Musonda pointed out the need for the country to enhance agricultural resilience.

“Support the implementation of climate-resilient agricultural practices to ensure food security amidst changing climate conditions,” she added.

She also suggested strengthening local economies and livelihoods.

Musonda called for support of alternative livelihood programmes for those affected by the charcoal ban, including training in sustainable trades and crafts.

“Furthermore, the provision of microfinance opportunities can help rural communities engage in strengthening the value chains and linkages of agribusinesses,” Musonda mentioned.

Musonda also called for the implementation of comprehensive environmental policies.

“Enforce regulations that protect forests and promote reforestation and afforestation initiatives,” she revealed.

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