Juldan Motors owner, Danobo, denies gifting son 32 luxury buses


Juldan Motors Limited owner, July Danobo, has denied gifting his son, the 32 luxury buses.

Danobo has submitted to the Lusaka High Court that he had no legal right to gift his son, Raymond Danobo, the said properties because they were owned by the company, Juldan Motors Limited.

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He objected to the son’s claim of K7 Million for alleged loss of business on ground that the entire transaction over the ownership of the buses was illegal.

“There can be no legitimate profit from the business as a matter of entitlement by the defendant as the entire transaction was illegal and needs to be vacated immediately,” he said.

This is in the matter where Danobo sued his son over the ownership of 32 luxury buses.

But in his defence and counterclaim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Raymond submitted that the buses in question were a gift from his father in consideration of natural love and affection as his son.

Raymond denied commencing any change of ownership of the property and stated that once vehicles are gifted, they cannot be taken away by the donor.

He demanded that his father and the company render an account on how the buses have been used, as they were business chattels.

In his reply and defence , Danobo argued he had no legal capacity to gift property which he did not own as it was property of the company at all material times.

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