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Just In: Police withdraw order inviting Catholic Priest, Mukosa, to appear for interrogation


Zambia Police has withdrawn an invitation extended to Catholic Priest Andrew Mukosa by its Copperbelt Division.

The Catholic cleric was billed   to appear before the police on Tuesday April 9, 2024, for questioning following his earlier comments regarding the harsh economy on Good Friday.

But in a twist to the story, Police Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga said: “We urge him not to report to the Copperbelt Division as per the call-out issued to him.”

After reassessment of the situation, Hamoonga in a statement on Sunday said it had been determined that there was no need for his immediate appearance or involvement in any ongoing investigations or inquiries.

“Father Mukosa was summoned by the police to provide a statement regarding remarks made during a religious gathering, which were deemed to potentially constitute hate speech,” he said.

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Hamoonga went on to remind the public that the police had a legal mandate to investigate all forms of criminal activity, regardless of where they occur.

He said: “It is imperative for all individuals to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in such matters.”

Hamoonga took time to urge the public to uphold the principles of lawfulness and respect for one another as they go about their daily activities.

For him, hate speech and any form of incitement to violence had no place in society adding that those found culpable would be held accountable under the law.

“This decision has been made after careful consideration and in the best interest of all parties involved. Should there be any further developments or if his cooperation is required in the future, he will be duly informed,” emphasised Hamoonga.

He added that the police appreciated the cleric’s cooperation and compliance with the directive as he invited the public to uphold peace and security within the country.

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