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Kanchibiya constituency sets 2023 developmental goals


Kanchibiya Constituency has outlined various key development priorities set for implementation this year such as strengthening local manufacturing and expanding the local agricultural base.

The Constituency through its Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda, had set out to initiate and/or achieve various key development priorities in the constituency this year.

According to Chanda, some of these priorities included working on key roads, improving water and sanitation services and increasing investments in healthcare and education to improve the quality of health and education service delivery, among others.

On local manufacturing, Chanda in a statement issued on Tuesday in Zambia’s capital Lusaka that it would be strengthened by ensuring that the constituency started manufacturing its school desks as well as buying them to meet local needs.

He also said the constituency would expand the local agricultural base by promoting the adoption of a wider range of agricultural crops, making improvements at key stages in the value chain, as well as creating backward and forward market linkages.

“Therefore, one of our priorities in the near future is to open-up new areas such as the Mwansabamba Zone to unlock its full economic potential,” Chanda said.

He stated that the other objective was to expand the livestock and fisheries sector through, among others, improving the quality of livestock breeds, constructing dip tanks.

Chanda said his rea would also initiate aquaculture projects in the Constituency as well as prioritising the Goat breeding Centre in Chibwa Ward.

He explained that these priorities would be achieved through using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

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He therefore commended government for increasing the CDF allocation to K28.3 million.

“While CDF alone is not the panacea for the many development challenges in Kanchibiya, we shall ensure it serves its intended purpose to the full.

“Further, with approval responsibilities now at Provincial level; one major bottleneck in timely accessing CDF has been resolved. We, now, wish to call on the relevant offices at provincial level to ensure improved levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the administration processes,” Chanda noted.

Meanwhile, Chanda thanked all the Royal Highnesses for their untiring support and leadership towards a common goal of transforming the “face” of all Chiefdoms, and the constituency at large.

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