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Kitwe farmer testifies against lawmaker Mabonga, calling her remarks ‘treacherous,’ inciting violence


Kevin William Soper, a 68-year-old farmer from Kitwe, has testified against Mfuwe Member of Parliament, Maureen Mabonga, describing her statements in a video as “treasonous” and inciting violence.

Soper, who has lived in Zambia since 1956 and is married to a Zambian woman, said Mabonga’s words aimed to divide the nation and spark unrest between the North, East, and the rest of the country.

Expressing his outrage and anger, Soper stated that Mabonga’s remarks promoted violence and hatred.

He specifically pointed out her reference to picking up guns, likening it to colonial times and implying that certain groups were superior to others.

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“The whole video was indicative of violence and trying to split the nation between the North, East and the rest of us. There was mention of ‘can we pick up guns because we are also able to do that.’ There was an insinuation that like the colonial times, the Easterners and Bembas could pick up guns. That the guns were bigger than any others. It was terrible what was coming out in that video,” he stated.

The matter, which involves two counts of seditious practices against Mabonga, was adjourned to Friday for cross-examination by defence lawyers Makebi Zulu and Jonas Zimba.

Mabonga was accused of making statements that could be construed as inciting violence against a specific ethnic group by linking the disappearance of Petauke Central MP Emmanuel Jay Banda to an ethnic attack on the people of Eastern Province.

The offence was committed between May 25 and 28, 2024.

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