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Lungu’s outbursts shock govt, as it says no plans to remove ex-president’s immunity


Government says it is surprised by the sentiments expressed by ex-President, Edgar Lungu, advocating civil disobedience, by Zambian people.

Lungu on Friday reportedly expressed his readiness to sacrifice all, including losing his immunity in order to fight for the country, sentiments that were reiterated by Kamfinsa lawmaker, Christopher Kang’ombe, saying that they were ready to fight for justice.

Responding to these utterances, Chief government Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa, warned Lungu not to over stretch his luck but to behave himself like a statesman.

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Mweetwa told journalists on Friday that government was surprised that Lungu, who should enjoy a position of statesman was reducing himself to below what was expected of him.

Mweetwa also insisted that government had no intention of removing Lungu’s immunity.

“Sentiments by the former president that government wants to remove his immunity are unfounded. This is the resolve of president Hakainde Hichilema to ensure that there is unity and peace,” he said.

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