Lusaka City Council calls for stop in sale of merchandise, foodstuff, others from undesignated places


The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has called for a stop in the sale of merchandise and foodstuffs from undesignated places in the city.

This is in accordance with Statutory Instrument No. 12 of 2018, which prohibits the sale of any item or produce in any street or public place, other than a market established by the local authority, except with the permission of the council.

LCC Public Relations Manager, Chola Mwamba, said this in a statement issued in Lusaka on Friday.

Mwamba said the council had observed that many people are selling merchandise, including vegetables and other foodstuffs, in vehicles along the road, which poses a health risk to the public.

“The council is concerned about the quality and safety of the products, as well as the hygiene and sanitation of the vendors,” she stated.

Mwamba further expressed concern over the mushrooming of illegal car washes and scrap metal dealers in the district, which obstructs traffic and deprives the council of the much-needed revenue.

She urged the owners of these businesses to register with the council and operate from designated places.

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“In addition, the local authority directs that all stone crushers conducting trade in undesignated places move to permitted places,” Mwamba added.

She noted that stone crushing was a hazardous activity that caused noise and air pollution and affected the health and safety of both the workers and the surrounding communities.

Mwamba urged all members of the public intending to sell any food or produce to do so in designated markets to avoid being fined.

“The council appeals to the public to cooperate with the council and comply with the regulations, to maintain order and cleanliness in the district,” she appealed.

Mwamba also assured the public that the local authority is committed to providing adequate and accessible markets for traders and consumers.

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