Lusaka City Council warns illegal producers, traders of unlicensed sachet water


The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has warned illegal producers and traders of unlicensed sachet water in the city of serious consequences if they continue with their activities.

LCC Assistant Public Relations Manager, Nyambe Bulumba, said the council had been overwhelmed and inundated with complaints from residents about the poor quality and safety of the sachet water being sold in the market by unauthorised producers.

Bulumba said this in a statement issued in Lusaka on Friday.

He stated that the council had launched rigorous investigations to identify and prosecute the sources of such water, which was being distributed without the knowledge and approval of the Local Authority.

“It has been discovered that some of the contact numbers on the labels of the water sachets are fake, indicating that the sources of such water are dubious and that the companies behind them are operating illegally,” Bulumba said.

He stated that the council had intensified inspections, to ensure that members of the public were sold water that met public health standards and fit for human consumption.

Bulumba added that the local authority would also collaborate with other councils in cases where companies claim to be producing water outside LCC’s jurisdiction.

“This is in order to verify the origin and compliance of the firm in question regarding its services and goods, to protect people’s health,” he said.

Bulumba reminded all water-producing companies that they were required to be licensed by the council and to pay their dues such as business levies, fire certificates and health permits among others.

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“The companies should also ensure that they sell water with labels from accredited institutions like the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) among others to avoid endangering the lives of the members of the public,” he advised.

Bulumba warned the unscrupulous individuals and companies engaged in such activities to cease with immediate effect or face the full wrath of the law.

He also urged members of the public to be vigilant and report to the council any sachet of water suspected to be from questionable producers.

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