Lusaka may wear new look, as govt releases K33 million for cleaning of historical solid waste


About K33 million has been disbursed for cleaning up of the historical solid waste around Lusaka.

This would be managed by the Lusaka Integrated Solid Waste Management Company (LISWMC), which has so far contracted 16 franchise companies and 132 community based enterprises.

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These enterprises would be managing solid waste in Lusaka.

LISWMC Public Relations Officer, Sirre Fofana Muntanga, said this in an interview in Lusaka at the on-going 95th Agriculture and Commercial Show.

Muntanga disclosed that the government had released about K33 million for waste management for Lusaka Province.

“We have 16 franchise companies and 132 community bases enterprises. So we monitor them to ensure they do their work in communities as we do not want to see dirty lying around.

“Government has realised K33 million for us to clean the city and manage the landfill. An example is the Central Business District as you can see. If you check on Esther Lungu road, people are still working. Still removing historical solid waste that had compiled for years,” Muntanga said.

She said the mandate of the company was to manage solid waste as regulators.

“As a company, we make sure that we give out services that are accessible to residents of Lusaka that want to engage in solid waste collection. We give out licenses of which before we do that, we engage them through advertisements and once that is done, they then sign contracts.

“If they meet the satisfaction, we make them sign those contracts and they will be given areas we call zones where they will be collecting according to area of location,” she said.

Muntanga said that the company was, therefore, exhibiting how solids waste was being managed by the regulator.

“What we are doing here at the show, we have come to exhibit because we want to show you that we are managers in solid waste.

“It is a process whereby people generate waste and then there are people that collect it then the final destination is the landfill which we encourage that anyone who disposes off apart from the landfill is penalised because that is not allowed. Everyone should take to the final destination which is Chunga dumpsite,” she said.

This years show was held under the theme ‘Inclusive Economic Transformation.’

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