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Mines minister, Kabuswe, accused of lying to Zambians on reopening of Konkola Copper Mines


Zambians for Unity, Peace and Development (ZUPED) has accused Mines and Minerals Development Minister, Paul Kabuswe, of being dishonest on the reopening of Konkola Copper Mines( KCM).

ZUPED president, Ronnie Jere, stated that in September last year, Kabuswe had informed the nation that by December 2023, Vedanda Resources would have taken over KCM.

Jere, in a statement issued in Lusaka on Monday, said the take over would have signaled the start to the operations of KCM.

He said recently, Kabuswe had given another timeframe that by March, KCM would be up and running but that, however, this had not happened.

“During last week’s Sunday Interview programme, the Minister stated that the scheme of arrangement should be finalized by the end of March,” Jere stated.

He said Zambians wanted to take his words seriously but that over time, the Minister had not been honest with his pronouncements.

Jere recalled that it was the same Minister of Mines that promised the people of Zambia that the negotiations between government and Vedanta would be done within three months and that that was September last year.

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“Now last week, the Minister reiterated another timeframe to say he is very sure that the scheme of arrangement will be finalized by March and that the handing over of KCM to Vedanta should be done by March,” he said.

Jere advised politicians to be very truthful in order to earn people’s trust.

He said the people would give Kabuswe the benefit of doubt and hoped that this issues between Vedanta and KCM would be finalized as soon as possible.

“We all know the repercussions that come with the non functionality of KCM.Today we are grappling with the issue of the US dollar and now Bank of Zambia is putting up stringent measures that are affecting the ordinary people,” Jere stated.

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