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Mwenda, Economic Freedom Fighters leader, calls for urgent reforms in mining sector


The Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) is urgently calling for comprehensive reforms in the country’s mining sector.

In a statement, party president Kasonde Mwenda said this was in light of the alarming decline in Zambia’s Copper production since the United Party for National Development (UPND) assumed power in 2021.

Mwenda stated that the precipitous drop from 837,996 tonnes in 2020 to a mere 682,000 tonnes in 2023 as was disclosed by Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister, Chipoka Mulenga, was a stark indicator of the failure of UPND’s policies.

“The lack of transparency and accountability surrounding the pro-west policies implemented by the current government has cast a shadow over the mining sector,” he said.

Mwenda added that this was hindering the sectors growth and stifling the economic potential of the country.

He stated that the secrecy surrounding these policies had left citizens in the dark, unable to comprehend the decision-making processes that directly impact their livelihoods.

“The Zambian people deserve to know the truth about the management of our invaluable natural resources,” Mwenda said.

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He stated that the declining copper production levels underscore the urgency for immediate reforms in the mining sector.

Mwenda implored the UPND government to prioritize transparency and engage in open dialogue to address the concerns of the citizens.

He noted that it was essential for the government to take responsibility for the ramifications of its policies on the mining sector, which serves as the lifeblood of the economy.

“The EFF demands that the UPND government not only acknowledges the evident failure in copper production but also takes swift and concrete actions to rectify the situation,” Mwenda demanded.

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