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Nalumango describes Kaunda as a unifier, says Hichilema walking in former leader’s footsteps


Vice president Mutale Nalumango has eulogised Zambia’s first President, Kenneth David Kaunda, saying he and other freedom fighters founded the country on a strong foundation of peace and unity.

Nalumango described Kaunda as a gift and leader who had dedicated all his life serving humanity with pace and unity.

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She observed that Zambia had remained a united, peaceful and harmonious country because Kaunda had managed to unite the country’s 73 tribes through the One Zambia One Nation motto.

She said Zambia had remained a beacon of peace and unity in Africa because of the efforts of Kaunda who did not only dedicate his life to serving Zambians but also fought for the liberation of many African countries from colonial rule.

She was speaking when she officiated at the Kenneth Kaunda day commemoration on Friday in Lusaka.

This year’s Kenneth Kaunda commemorations were held under the theme: “Kenneth Kaunda the unifier.”

Former President, Edgar Lungu, was among the dignitaries who attended the commemoration in the company of former first Lady Easter Lungu, former Vice President Inonge Wina, Chishimba Kambwili among others.

“Dr Kaunda was being remembered for what he had done for the country and that it was important that the current leadership should continue emulating the late and former President” Nalumango said.

She also said although Kaunda was not a saint, he was such a leader loved by many, disclosing that she [Nalumango] was among the people who fought to have him out of power.

Nalumango said it was important that each and every person who took up the leadership of the country followed the principles that were set by the founding father of the nation.

She further said President Hakainde Hichilema was emulating Kaunda in his governance style and that was why the head of State was determined to have a united and prosperous Zambia irrespective of political divergences among citizens.

Nalumango recalled that Kaunda in all his life had championed free education and that Zambia was primarily what it was because of the contributions and achievement of him and his peers at the time.

“That is why we are seeing President Hakainde Hichilema continuing to follow on Kaunda’s path by working towards having peace, unity, development and free education. Kaunda, our First Republican President was a leader who had dedicated his life to peacefully govern Zambia.

“He governed with love and harmony and Zambia has remained united because Kaunda had managed to unite all the 73 tribes. Kaunda was a gift and was greater than the ordinary,” Nalumango said.

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