Online taxi drivers make good their threat, disrupt operations at Yango, as firm alleges vandalization of property


Fears that drivers of ride-hailing companies, such as Yango and Ulendo, would boycott services were confirmed Tuesday as Online Taxi Drivers Association of Zambia made good its threat by disrupting operations at Yango.

Zambia Monitor had earlier reported Online Taxi Drivers Association of Zambia President, Lukas Chanda, as threatening that no driver from any corners of Lusaka and the Copperbelt would carry a client through a mobile application starting from as early as 06:00am Tuesday till issues were resolved.

Chanda further said the exercise was likely to continue if these e-Hailing service companies do not comply by organizing themselves to come to a round table discussion.

“YANGO-branded black plate registered vehicle that will be spotted on the Zambian roads starting tomorrow will be impounded under citizen’s arrest and escorted to the nearest traffic Police station to be charged as an offender,” Chanda said.

Reacting to the incident, the management of Yango expressed deep concern about an unruly crowd that vandalized the company’s hub on Tuesday in an effort to disrupt company operations.

Kabanda Chewe, the Yango Country Manager, in a statement in Lusaka on Tuesday said the unruly crowd activities were meant to cause disturbance to both the service and the transport system of Lusaka as a whole.

Chewe said the company had emphasized the importance of respecting legal procedures and resolving conflicts peacefully.

She said Yango advocates dialogue and understanding within the industry, but will engage only in a civilized dialogue with relevant parties to address concerns as well as ensure driver safety.

Chewe said it had come to the company’s attention as well that vigilante forces, likely the same ones responsible for today’s disturbance, have recently commenced driver harassment.

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“We strongly condemn these unwarranted and forceful actions, which are not based on any legal grounds.

“As an organization, Yango firmly opposes violence and harassment towards the drivers of our partners,” Chewe said.

She said Yango as a company remains committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment for all drivers within the platform because the safety and wellbeing of drivers have always been and will always be top priority.

“We encourage the use of lawful channels to address concerns and urge all parties involved to resolve conflicts peacefully and within the framework of the law,” Chewe said.

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