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‘Party manifesto not romantic promises,’ Ex-information minister urges UPND to live up to its pledges


Ex-Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Fackson Shamenda, says the United Party for National Development (UPND) must accept that it has failed to deliver on some of its promises which it made while in opposition.

Shamenda said it will be easy to engage in dialogue with technocrats and other stakeholders on economic issues which are affecting Zambians and get their input on the best solutions to the current economic challenges.

He said the UPND will be half way done in fulfilling their promises once it understands the problems Zambians are facing instead of pretending that they are delivering whilst their electorate are walloping in the same poverty they have had for years.

“We are moving away from the situation of when you electing leaders you think you have given them subsidies, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) should continue providing platforms for people to speak because this will give them a chance to hold their government accountable,” Shamenda said.

He said the promises made by the UPND through its manifesto is not a romantic promise but a serious issue which will affect the present and future generations and needs urgent attention.

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Shamenda said Zambia must not move several steps backs both in dealing with the economic challenges and political violence but must ensure that solutions are found and moves forward in development and ending political violence.

“Understand the problem and agree that there is problems and you have failed, then you are half way through resolving that problem but by pretending that there is no problem then that aggravates the problem especially that its not just about replacing people in offices,” he said.

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