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Patriotic Front members contest expulsions by Sampa-led faction at constitutional court


On May 15, 2024, Patriotic Front (PF) Members of Parliament presented their case before the Constitutional Court, contesting the authority of faction Secretary-General, Morgan Ng’ona, to expel members from the party.

They argued that Ng’ona lacked the authority to expel members due to the alleged illegitimacy of the extraordinary general conference that elected Miles Sampa as party president.

Bangweulu member parliament, Kasandwe, and Milanzi member parliament, Melesiana Phiri, denied claims of resigning from the party, as suggested by Ng’ona.

They contested Ng’ona’s assertion that refusal to accept salary deductions equated to resignation, emphasizing that neither the party constitution, regulations, nor the Republican constitution mandated such payments.

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The petitioners deemed the purported extraordinary general conference conducted by Sampa and Ng’ona as illegitimate and in violation of the PF constitution.

They stated that Sampa’s lack of legal standing to appoint Ng’ona as Secretary-General due to his dubious election as PF president.

Furthermore, the petitioners insisted that resignation from the party and the MP office should be done through written notice, as outlined in both the Republican constitution and the PF constitution.

They contested informing the Speaker of the National Assembly, stating that it was solely wrong to declare their seats vacant, which they deemed illegal and unconstitutional since they had not formally resigned from either the party or the MP’s office.

Kasandwe and Phiri contested their purported expulsion and sought relief from the Constitutional Court, including the quashing of the alleged expulsion from the party.

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