PF youth chairperson, Kang’ombe, urges mines to set up independent power plants


Patriotic Front (PF) Youth National Chairperson, Christopher Kang’ombe, says it is possible for mining houses to engage in power generation alongside mining operations as he foresees power demand to rise to 11,039 megawatts in the year 2050.

Kang’ombe, an engineer, posted on his official social media handle seen by Zambia Monitor on Wednesday that considering ZESCO Limited’s limitations, the government should encourage mining companies to set up their own power generation plants.

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“Considering the financial limitation of ZESCO to produce all the electricity to meet the national demand as projected, the Ministry of Energy can encourage mining companies to set up their own power generation plants,” Kang’ombe said.

However, he acknowledged doing so would come with a huge cost of conducting feasibility studies to select the best technology, engaging a consulting firm to design the plant and an engineering firm to construct the power generating units.

“There is no law in Zambia, which prevents any mining or industrial company from setting up their own power generation plants to meet their electricity requirements,” Kang’ombe said.

He expressed concern over why the country has failed to invest in a nuclear power plant despite the availability of uranium.

He had argued that 11,039 MW of power would be needed by 2050.

He cited government sources saying, “According to the Ministry of Energy, with the baseline year being 2020; energy demands would be as follows:
2020- demand 2,456MW
2025- demand 3,338MW 2030- demand 5,432MW 2040- demand 8,624MW and 2050- demand 11,039MW.”

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