Police caution against movement of large sums of money at Easter, pledge security


Police has cautioned people with a habit of carrying or leaving valuables and large sums of cash in their motor vehicles to desist from doing so as this attracts thefts from motor vehicles.

Inspector General of Police, Lemmy Kajoba regretted that the habit of leaving huge sums of money by people attracted thefts from motor vehicles which had become rampant in the country.

“You are further cautioned to avoid carrying huge sums of money whenever you are travelling; instead maximise the use of electronic transactions through money transfers and ATM cards.

“It is also important to ensure that when in-charge of a motor vehicle, you avoid abusing drugs and alcohol as this influence bad driving habits which results in increased road carnage,” Kajoba said in a statement issued on Thursday.

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He also said stringent measures aimed at ensuring that peace, law and order prevails before, during and after the Easter period had been put in place by the Zambia Police Service in collaboration with other security wings.

He explained that these strategies were meant to ensure that all Zambian citizens and visitors were protected from crime and undesirable vices as they enjoyed the Easter period.

Kajoba clarified that these measures were not meant to curtail citizens’ rights to Freedom of Movement, Association and Assembly.

He emphasised that this was an important crime preventive measure as it would keep reminding citizens on who resided in their neighbourhood.

“Let me hasten to state that crime prevention is not only the duty of the Zambia Police Service but a collective responsibility in which you, the community members, have a huge role to play.

“In this regard, I wish to advise everyone of us across the country to be security conscious by practicing a simple rule of knowing your neighbour in your surrounding communities,” he said.

He encouraged the church more especially those who intended to conduct over-night prayers to ensure that they notified and worked closely with the local Police so as to protect worshipers from avoidable incidents by criminal elements.

To the general populous, Kajoba urged them not to leave their quarters or houses unmanned.

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