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‘Retrace your steps now!’ Party leader, Silavwe, accuses Hichilema of weaponising state institutions


Jackson Silavwe, leader of the Golden Party of Zambia, has accused President Hakainde Hichilema of weaponising and mobilising state institutions against citizens.

Silavwe claimed that the President had used institutions such as the Police, Judiciary and Parliament against citizens and groups holding critical or contrary views to his administration.

In a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday, Silavwe alleged that President Hichilema had strayed from the vision he outlined in his President-elect speech at Community House.

“President Hichilema must return to full democracy, the one he once preached about when he was in the opposition,” Silavwe demanded.

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He further accused the Hichilema administration of branding critics as enemies of the state, and using thugs, state machinery to arrest and persecute them.

“President Hichilema and his circle of power have attached personal emotions to the laws of the land, justifying their repugnant conduct while neglecting the real problems facing our people, such as the high cost of living,” he claimed.

Silavwe warned that the weaponization of state institutions is a double-edged sword that would ultimately harm both the President and the nation.

“There is no better ending to what he has initiated. He must change course,” Silavwe advised.

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