Students body, NACOSU, wants govt to exempt tertiary institutions from load shedding (Video)


The National Council of Students Union (NACOSU) is urging the government to exempt higher institutions of learning from current load shedding measures, citing significant disruptions to students’ ability to study effectively.

NACOSU President, Michelo Chizombe, said the prolonged electricity shortages were severely impeding students’ academic progress.

Addressing the media in Lusaka on Wednesday, Chizombe highlighted the adverse impact of load shedding on colleges and universities’ irrigation activities, affecting agricultural research and practical learning experiences.

“Why subject higher institutions of learning to eight hours of load shedding? How can students effectively study, especially when relying on modern gadgets for research and virtual projects?” questioned Chizombe.

He urged the government to devise a solution to spare higher institutions from load shedding to ensure students receive adequate study time.

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Chizombe illustrated the potential danger of inadequately trained medical students treating patients due to disrupted studies caused by power outages.

“These students are our future healthcare providers, and compromising their education due to power shortages could endanger patients’ lives,” he cautioned.

Chizombe said a shift from using student union movements for political purposes, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with government and stakeholders for effective solutions.

Furthermore, Chizombe addressed the rising cost of maize, urging Finance and National Planning Minister, Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, to review maize prices and consider reintroducing subsidies to alleviate the soaring prices of mealie meal in the market.

The proposed reintroduction of maize subsidies aims to mitigate the economic strain on consumers caused by the significant price hikes witnessed this year.

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