Yo Maps’ fiilup heroes stadium roadshow takes Matero Zingalume residents by storm


In what seemed as an ordinary Sunday afternoon for Matero’s Zingalume residents, ‘King Dizo’, Slapdee made a special apperance at Yo Maps Fillup Heroes stadium roadshow.

Residents were astonished to see their favourite Zambian artistes, alongside some social media influencers perform right at their backyard for free.

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When the residents got wind of a free show, they all stormed to Zingalume grounds to have a glimpse of the artistes, especially the ‘Kopola Richman’, who is found of dishing out cash.

On his official social media handle, Slapdee stated that : “We must do what we have to do! Matero is home.”

This comes barely weeks, after Slapdee made the following remark, that “rather support Yo Maps Yo fillup Hareos stadium than go for a Jay-Z concert in Zambia.

“That’s no disrespect to the Hov but my brothers and sisters come first,” he said.

The show was attended by Matero Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa, taking a break from politics.

Sampa was seen cheering and dancing on stage with Slapdee, the son of Matero and Yo Maps.

The lawmaker could not hide his excitement as he took to social media with the comment : “Sonny Yo Maps wachabe (Yo Maps is ‘bad’ news…meaning Yo Maps is good news and one of the best artiste in africa & world).

Since the launch of the ‘Fillup Heroes stadium’ Yo Maps Yo has been performing for free in different townships along side Bob East in Lusaka, encouraging his fans to buy tickets to fillup the stadium, which procceeds would be used to build a musical school.

With fans seen flying banners- ‘Zingalume for Yo Maps’, it is said to be one of the most supported roadshows ever staged so far.

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