Zambia Public Procurement Authority suspends Westway Square for falsifying documents


The Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA), has suspended Westway Square Limited from participating in public procurement for a period of one year.

ZPPA Principal Officer for Public Relations, Inutu Mushambatwa, said the company had been suspended for submitting false information during bid submission.

Mushambatwa in a statement issued in Lusaka on Friday said in February 2024, ZPPA instituted investigations following a complaint from Kafue Gorge Lower Power Development Corporation Limited.

“This pertains to tender for the supply and installation of storage shelves and supply and installation of a wire fence for a warehouse at Kafue Gorge Lower Power Development Corporation Limited,” she stated.

Mushambatwa said ZPPA was able to establish that Westway Square Limited submitted a receipt that was not genuine, as proof of registration at the Engineering Institute of Zambia.

She pointed out that the submission of information that was not genuine in a contract or procurement process was contrary to section 96(b) of the Public Procurement Act No.8 of 2020.

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This is as amended by the Public Procurement (Amendment) Act No.17 of 2023, she noted.

“(A) a bidder or supplier shall be suspended from participating in public procurement where the bidder or supplier has–(b) provided false information in a bid or any other document submitted to a procuring entity in connection with a procurement process or contract,” she cited.

The suspension of Westway Square Limited from participating in public procurement for a period of one year is with effect from April 2, 2024.

Mushambatwa said the suspension included any “successor in interest” including any entity which employed, or is associated with any partners, directors or other officers considered as successors in interest.

“ZPPA wishes to state that the suspension does not in any way limit Westway Square Limited from performing outstanding contracts that were entered into before 2nd April, 2024,” Mushambatwa advised.

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